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Relocating to a new area – how to choose the perfect place to live?
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You have been offered that perfect position you’d been waiting for for years. It finally happened. The game-changing career opportunity. The one you simply could not turn down. There is only one issue. It is too far for you to commute from your home.

You know that there is only one solution to it and that is – relocating to the place closer to your new job.

But you don’t know the new area at all. You start looking at a new property (be it a rental or one you’re looking to purchase) and you’re full of doubt… Will you like the neighbourhood?

What if your children don’t get accepted to the local school? How is the commute going to look? What if your partner accepts a job in a different part of town?

These are all completely natural worries and important factors to consider. But many people in this situation feel that they have no option but to accept the risks and pick a spot to live for the next 6 months or more. This can add additional pressures to an already stressful time in your life. Sometimes you will end up picking the perfect spot and everything works out exactly as you’d hoped for. But there are other times when it turns out that you could’ve made a better choice had you known more about the area.

“Is there a way to minimise that risk?” I hear you asking.

The benefits of using short-term rentals when relocating:

There is. That option is taking benefit of serviced accommodation when relocating to a new area. When booking a short-term rental, you do not have to commit to a lengthy contract and feel stuck in an area that for whatever reason may not work for you. All you need to do is pick a different location and test it out before entering a long-term agreement through a private rental or by putting an offer on a property to buy in that area. Staying in a short- terms rental means that you can get a feel for the area before committing. You can get to know the neighbourhood, test out the commute, find out if you and the rest of your family can see themselves living there. Once you know how you all feel about it, only then do you go and hunt for a new home. It also means that you can do it at your leisure, taking time to attend different viewings or waiting until that perfect new home comes on the market.

“But isn’t this going to cost me a fortune..” I sense you wondering.

No, not necessarily. There are ways to make savings when booking your short-term accommodation and we have detailed them in our Complete Guide to Serviced Accommodation which you can download here.

Of course, a furnished serviced property is going to be more expensive than an unfurnished long-term let. You are also likely to have to pay for a storage facility for your furniture until you find your new home. However, we have learned ourselves by making that mistake in the past and have spoken to many of our clients who have been through a similar experience. They all agree – if you have been unfortunate enough to badly pick the wrong area, you will be likely to have to relocate again (whilst incurring early termination fees and doubling your removal costs). There is also no price that you can put on peace of mind that having a choice can give you – and this is exactly what serviced accommodation can offer you in this situation. The flexibility to change your mind or your plans. It allows you to cancel a service you no longer need.

Want to know how we can tailor our terms to your needs? Contact us today!

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