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What is the most cost-effective short-term accommodation option when you have building works done on your house? 
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We have all been there at some point in our lives. A burst pipe that caused damage to the floorboards floor boards. A roof requiring repairs. Sometimes, the reasons for requiring alternative accommodation might be a result of an unfortunate event – there may have been a fire or a serious flooding to your house. In other instances, you may have chosen yourself to make improvements to your house and need to find alternative accommodation whilst your plans are coming into fruition. The bottom line is – your house is inhabitable and you need to find somewhere else to live for a period of time.

That’s when you first become faced with the big question: Where can I stay if I’m unable to live in my own house?

You may be offered to stay with your family and friends. Depending on the size of your own family and the length of time the works on your house are going to take, you may consider that option. For the majority of people, however, this rarely proves to be a viable option.

This is when some people consider moving into a rented property. There are a couple of challenges though. First of all, agents and landlords want you to commit to a long term stay, with 6 months being a minimum term. Secondly, the majority of properties come unfurnished. You will also have to arrange for all the bills to be set up on the new account in your name. If you add the cost of the 6-monthly rental, all the bills, furniture (moving it from your house or purchasing new) the costs prove significant. Although it is the amount of hassle involved in setting it up that puts most people off.

Some people entertain the idea of booking a hotel room or suite, but the costs,  as well as the lack of comfort you are bound to experience during prolonged hotel stays, is what deters the majority of people from choosing this option. After all, living in a room without a living area or a kitchen for more than a couple of days can be a huge challenge for anybody, not to mention families with children.

So what options are you left with?

It is normally once you considered all the options above that you remember about (or somebody mentions to you) short-term short- term accommodation. You most certainly have heard somebody say to you “Just stay in an AirBnB” or “See if you can find anything on”. This is when you realise release that there is a range of options available to you, in many cases right on your doorstep door step!

What are the benefits of using serviced accommodation when looking for a temporary home?

When using a short-term short- term rental, you avoid all the hassle of moving your furniture, pots, pans,  and cutlery to your temporary home. Having a fully-equipped kitchen gives you the option to cook for yourself, which is very convenient and cost-effective. Neither do you need to worry about setting up new accounts for bills. Nor do you have to commit to a fixed-term fixed term contract. You can simply walk into a place which has been designed to be a home away from home. Everything you need is likely to be there and in addition to that, you can expect weekly cleaning and housekeeping to be provided. This can help you eliminate some of the pressures you are bound to experience during the period when you cannot use your permanent home.

Would you like to find out more? Make sure you download our Complete Guide to Serviced Accommodation for Guests by following this link.

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